ZOOM TALK PARTY REVIEW Friday, January 14, 2022


Artist Profile
“We don’t smile because we are happy but we are happy because we smile.” Born Eastwind-Blessman Al-Jewellace Bhryte Mann Kobina Ebo Diamond and known as Diamond King-Speaks, one-third of the trio spokenword Kings. Started writing at age thirteen since Junior High School and has since evolved and matured greatly. Most popular pieces being “The B.e.a.utiful Woman” series and in most recent times, giving his audience tragic stories from his upcoming project known as “Broken Bottles”.

Party Time
Diamond recounts how he saw a video many years ago that intrigued him, but he didn’t understand the contents until his big brother came from the university and explained that it was a spokenword video and introduced him to the concept. Though he has been writing since age 13, he started doing poetry in 2014 after he attended a couple of poetry shows, including EHALAKASA, and other slams. Diamond also listens to and watches other artists while working on himself.

Storyteller is how he describes himself, rather than a rhythmic poet or spokenword artist and this is evident in his style of writing and performance. Diamond writes very captivating pieces and believes recitals are great, however, stories are more relatable and people can feel the emotions.

Starting off with “Breaks my heart to tell you I love you”, then “Tragic”, it was a party filled with sadness and heartbreaks; one for the ‘sad boys’. For our open mic session, Ethelyn Echep chipped in with a musical interlude. Her silky smooth, yet powerful voice served us “You are who you are”. After, the guest act of the day kept everyone’s attention with a “15-year-old marriage without a child” story and a sad “emergency wedding”.

For his last piece, Diamond called for three random words: seed, uniqueness, shadow. He produced such a mesmerizing piece!

In conclusion, the captivating storyteller hinted that he would engage in more studio work this year, and he is already working on his project “BROKEN BOTTLES”.