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By Crystal Kwadwa Tettey and Yibor Kojo Yibor (Sir Black) Accra came alive in the early 2000s with the dawn of the EhaLaKasa movement. Artists and art lovers were invited to relish poetry in oratorial and performance...
Asmaila Rahinatu is a young Ghanaian writer and spoken word artist from Salaga in the Savannah region. Asmaila has already made a name for herself in the poetry community at the age of 22, using her...

Ehalakasa National Poetry Slam Championship 2022

Ehalakasa National Poetry Slam Championship 2022 SILVERBIRD CINEMAS, Accra Mall FRIDAY 30, DECEMBER 2022 7:30 PM What has Poetry Slam got to do with us? Is there a...

Ehalakasa SlamXL : The Road To FESPACO Gold Slam 2023

Who will represent us at FESPACO? As part of our responsibility to raise slammers and to see a thriving, sustainable verbal space for the future...

ZOOM TALK PARTY REVIEW Friday, January 14, 2022

Artist Profile “We don’t smile because we are happy but we are happy because we smile.” Born Eastwind-Blessman Al-Jewellace Bhryte Mann Kobina Ebo Diamond and...

Ehalakasa – To Riot or To Fight ft Yibor Kojo Yibor,  Erfryah, Barima Yoofi, IyamAtuahene, Natty Ogli

This collective work was in response to the echoes of the words of the author Nguigi wa thiong’o, “Dawn of Darkness”, about the current...

Ehalakasa Verbalism Illustration


GH Uncut Se1 Ep2 Ehalakasa Rendition

Uncut Se1 Ep2 Ehalakasa Rendition https://youtu.be/90zGKT2xTBs

GH Ehalakasa Choir Calling

Ehalakasa Choir Calling https://youtu.be/4f3z7MUU7zA

Appiokor – Ehalakasa Accra Project


Seyram – Without Apology ( Ehalakasa Accra Project)


Slimo – Ehalakasa Accra Project


Akambo – Accra My Capital ( Ehalakasa Accra Project)


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