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Spoken Words Poetry : Food for the Soul


Words, words, words
What use are words that can’t be heard
Mouth opened then closed
If nothing comes out then you’re good as dead

You need a redemption
You’re seeking for salvation
But you find it in words only you can understand
They’re begging for freedom
Speak them out! but you can’t
That’s why I’m here to say them for you

So I soothe your soul with food you didn’t think you needed
I’m giving you a chance to feel in words you didn’t have to speak out
You feel the emotions deep in your core, emotions I’m helping you show forth
You don’t need to be weak in front of others, I’m already doing it for you
My words are giving you your peace

Collecting your broken pieces and putting them together to form one full piece
Slowly mending the cracks in your soul and caressing your heart with a warm kiss
I’m feeding you the food you never thought you’d need

You’re healing because of the words I speak
You’re recovering because of these words you read
You’re finding hope in an art you never dared to seek
Because at the end of it all, these little poems are what can best describe how you feel

These words you hear are what makes your heart skip a beat
Or two or three, it’s your heart, you keep count
So you close your eyes and allow me to talk for you
You shed your tears not because my words makes you emotional
But because I’m saying the words you needed to hear

Poetry is all you needed all along
The words you couldn’t say are out here staring at you
Your voice that couldn’t be heard, you’re hearing it loud and clear
Maybe it’s a little raspy or high pitched but
they are filling up the empty dark holes
they’re giving you the warmth in this bloody cold
You’re finally getting the food for your broken soul.

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