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Over the years the poetry and spoken words scene in Accra have seen many male performers than female performers and this imbalance is what Ehalakasa is hoping to adjust with the maiden SheSheSlam2022.

It is our obligation as a community to give sisters the space to tell their stories in different forms, one of such is slam. Slam is a three (3) round healthy competitive performance where poets perform their original written spoken word poetry before a live audience and are judged by 5 randomly selected audiences as judges judging on the scale of 0 -10.

Each piece or performance must be within 3 minutes at length.
This slam is a Herstoric moment in the spoken word landscape in Ghana. It’s the first of many to come, so let us take this chance to get women out there, let the landlords know that we have matters of importance we can bring onto the table.

Some kind of women parliamentarians addressing the state of the nation. “Ehalakasa, It lives in us!”

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