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Sandra Bonsu Asamoah: Exploring Love, Nature, and God through Poetry


Ghanaian writer and poet Sandra Bonsu Asamoah, known as Ama the poet, has captivated audiences for years.
Ama, a leading poet in Ghana and beyond, loves the arts and self-expression.

Ama started writing poetry in high school to express her emotions and connect with others.
Her experiences and surroundings shaped her style and skills.

Ama’s ability to capture love, nature, and God’s beauty and complexity makes her a unique poet.
Her poems explore life, love, spirituality, and the human experience with raw emotion, vivid imagery, and powerful themes.

Poetry helps Ama understand the world and connect with others.
She writes to share her authentic and relatable thoughts and feelings and create a space for others.


Ama loves poetry and all forms of art.
She loves discovering new ways to express herself and connect with others, believing that the arts can heal, inspire, and unite.

Ama’s latest poems and musings can be found on Facebook and Instagram.
Her passion for the arts and storytelling inspires others to find their voice and share their stories.

Ama the poet is a creative force in the poetry world.
She is a leading voice in Ghanaian poetry and beyond due to her raw talent, passion for self-expression, and ability to capture the beauty and complexity of life, love, and God.
Her words inspire, heal, and unite, making her a creative gem.

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