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Maame Afua Fosua Ayiku: A Life of Writing, Spoken Word, and Passion


Writing has been a constant in Maame Afua Fosua Ayiku’s life.
Her father encouraged her to write essays on Saturdays, which she despised at the time.
However, as she grew older, she came to value the skills she learned from those exercises.
Writing is now more than a hobby for her; it is a passion that has led her to explore various genres such as prose, poetry, and drama.

Ayiku draws her inspiration from her childhood experiences and biblical stories, which she uses to connect with her audience on a deeper level.
Her passion for spoken word, on the other hand, developed later in life, when she began to explore ways to express herself beyond the written page.

Ayiku’s work extends beyond writing and spoken word.
She is also a voracious reader and a fan of natural hair.
Ayiku believes that natural hair is an important part of one’s identity as someone who values self-expression.

Aside from writing and having natural hair, Ayiku enjoys baking.
She sees baking as a creative outlet, similar to writing, and enjoys experimenting with new flavors and ingredients.
She enjoys sharing her creations with friends and family.

Ayiku has always pursued her interests and found ways to express herself through them.
Her writing, spoken word, love for natural hair, and faith are all extensions of her creative spirit.
Ayiku’s goal is to connect with others and inspire them to pursue their own passions, whether through her writing or spoken word performances.

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