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Exploring the World of Poetry with Malgu Seebaway


Malgu Seebaway is a talented poet and writer based in Accra, who has a deep passion for the creative arts. For many years, Malgu has been honing her skills as a wordsmith, producing a wealth of moving and thought-provoking poetry. In fact, one of her poems was even published in an anthology back in 2015, a testament to the quality of her work.

For Malgu, the world of creative writing is a place of infinite possibilities, where she can explore new ideas and connect with others on an emotional level. She finds great joy in sitting alone with her thoughts, pondering the next line or stanza that will bring her poetry to life.

As an artist, Malgu is deeply inspired by the world around her, drawing on her personal experiences and observations to inform her writing. Her work is characterized by its vivid imagery, raw emotional depth, and powerful themes, which often touch on issues of life, love, loss, personal experiences and the human condition.

In addition to her poetry, Malgu is also an avid supporter of all forms of creative expression. She believes that the arts have the power to express your deepest thoughts and emotions, help in healing and spiritual growth and create an intimate connection with people and is always eager to explore some other forms of artistic expression.

For those who want to experience Malgu’s work, you can find her on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, where she shares her latest poems and musings with her followers. Follow her @hajiamalgu on Facebook and Instagram, and @Malgu_Seebaway on TikTok to discover more about this talented artist and her work.

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