SLAM 2016

Hondred Percent, two time Ehalakasa Slam Champion for 2014 and 2015 was the Slam Master alongside the Two Idiots, Gen. Ntetea and Dr.So who acted as time and score keepers.

It was a tightly contested slam with all slammers giving their all to win the hearts of the judges.

But in the end the 2016 Ehalakasa Slam Champion is Jewell. Jewell represents Ghana as a guest artiste in Cote D’Ivoire at a slam in 2017. First runner up was Li, followed up with Birdy in third place.

Meet our 2016 Slammers

STAGE NAME : Kwame Legacy                                                                                            STATEMENT: Distribution of keys to no rooms and cars is just a token Keys drawn on soaps to be shared in dozens I mean key soap to remind citizens of concert in parties since 90s This is the vision!

STAGE NAME : AMAZE                                                                                                          STATEMENT: Emitting words unheard by mortal ears. Obviously greater than Shakespeare 

STAGE NAME : Daniel Dadzie                                                                                              STATEMENT: I speak for those stuck between myths of old and stories untold Who don’t belong in the church or club Who stand alone in the field of souls I speak for dead reborn I speak of life reformed I speak

STAGE NAME : Adekye                                                                                                           STATEMENT: I speak words not of mine but of the man who sits in his kingdom and scoops wisdom from his head and shares among his children

STAGE NAME : Jewell King Speaks                                                                                    STATEMENT : In my SINS I was SARKED out but on the CROSS was PAEDAE that’s why OLUWA IS INVOLVEDS

STAGE NAME : Paul de Poet
 STATEMENT: A poet, I paints pictures with words and Preaches about Jesus’s Kingdom, through Poetship, Poetpraise, Poetivation, Love poetry.

 STATEMENT: The words I speak are scribbled on the tablet of your heart and I place them within the burning bush because I am not just a white or black key on the piano, I am a progression. I am in 4D to 4C His Glory

STAGE NAME : Awawuah’s Poetry                                                                                          STATEMENT: I was told my head was dead and that it had been buried in the garden behind the thinkers hut, but here my pen bleeds scribbling the symbols left in this decayed memory