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Ehalakasa TalkParty February Edition: Love, Lust and Lies


What is Love?
Is it a feeling, an emotion or a psychological illusion that attracts people together to live as though they were made for each other, long before their existence on Earth? Or it’s just a name given to whatever we think it is that does what it does, or Love is just how we understand it to be…

What is Lust?
Is it the feeling that attracts people together to fall, stand or lay in love?
Or it’s just an emotion that the masses mistaken for love, or lust is actually love,
or it is what it is, or it’s how you define it to be, or its all a lie?

Then what’s a Lie?
Is it the absence of the truth, or the opposite of not saying the truth? Or Lie is the foundation that lies below every
“I love you”? Maybe Lie is, not explaining to those you love it’s actually lust that brought you to them,
or maybe everything about love and lust is a lie.

Thus, what shall we say of love, lust and lies in a season like this?
How much Lust makes a Love?
How less of a Love breeds a Lie?
How much Lie breaks a Love?
Can lies make a love last?
Can love turn lust into lies
Can lust and lies save a love?

For more questions and less answers or for more answers and less questions surrounding this ageless trio join us at the
Folks Place of the National Theatre of Ghana on Thursday 6th February
for an unforgettable night of words, passion, soul and spirit under the tree of ” LOVE, LUST and LIES, powered by G3 Channels.

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