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Breast: A Tool For Mass Instruction


Don’t squeeze too tight
ooohhh this boy
Agyeeeiiiiii! Waka mi
Akua always sleeps with it in her mouth
From the North to the East to the west to the South
Little baby, where else could you find better food
Than from the nectar those two round balls brought

You can’t deny that at one point in your life you needed it
You needed it so bad, you cried and wailed for it
Begged and screamed for it
Wouldn’t stop crying until your lips latched onto it
The joy those two round balls brought

You still can’t forget about it
So even after 20 years, you still want more of it
To play with, suck, to caress, to love
Once they’re in your hands, you just can’t get enough of it
The joy those two round balls bring

Now you have them
And though you may not want them in your mouth any more
You’re dying for someone else to taste them
Or probably you’ve already gotten a sucker
Someone who knows how to work’em for your back to ache in pleasure
Oh what joy those two round balls bring

Source of food
source of pleasure
Something to love
Something to treasure
Good news is it doesn’t come in ones but it comes in twos
Who can truly say they never loved boobs

Matters of the breast are not gender biased
As we’re trying to fight breast cancer,let’s not be quiet
Spread awareness with utmost importance, don’t be defiant
Male and female
Young and old
Rich and poor
Let’s stand abreast as we fight against breast cancer
Let’s not forget that All Breasts Matters

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