TalkParty Slam August 2019


This event is as a result of a collaborative effort between Ehalakasa and National Theater of Ghana. This is to create awareness for poetry, spoken word, the arts at large, unearth and expose talents and poetry as a medium for global development.

Talk Party as an event, is held on the first Thursday of every month.

The rate for this event is:
Gh¢20 for Regular and
Gh¢5 for Students.

NB: 60% of the gate Proceeds goes to the National Theater of Ghana whiles the remaining 40% of the Proceeds goes to Ehalakasa. We use our 40% solely to develop and advance the course of Ehalakasa.

We look forward meeting you at the Folks Place (National Theater) on 1st August,2019.

Come and experience word therapy from our seasoned wordsmiths with a touch of rhythm to sooth your soul .

Ehalakasa: It Live in US!!!

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