Want To Perform?

Submit a Demo

To be a part of the Ehalakasa Talk Party performance segment, you have to submit an audio or video recording of your intended performance to Ehalakasa via Ehalakasa’s Whatsapp line.

Your submission will be reviewed by the Talk Party Committee to determine whether you will make the line up of performances in the next Talk Party event.

Eligibility Criteria

All performances should not be longer than four minutes.

Ehalakasa is interested in poetry and alternative arts such as music, singing, comedy, dance, theatre and many more. Poets who read are also encouraged. Submissions that do not make the line up will be advised on reasons for their submission being declined. In some cases aspirants could be pushed to perform in the next Talk Party event.

Ehalakasa through its website and social media will alert the public on the call for submissions and its deadline. The line up for the Talk Party event will be publicised no less than a week to the event detailing the performers.

Submissions are free.

All artists that make it onto the line up list should view the performer guidelines section and adhere to it in order to perform.