About TalkPARTY

The Ehalakasa TalkPARTY, is a two and a half hour monthly event which has the following elements:

  1. Welcome Music Session
  2. Performances
  3. Bar Break
  4. Guest Performance

Welcome Music Session

Guests are welcomed to theTalkPARTY with music playing in the background. Interaction and networking is encouraged at this stage as all settle down for performances to begin


The performance section showcases twelve performances to the auddience present. Ehalakasa is setting up a committee to screen performances to ensure that the audiences are treated to the best that Ghana has to offer.

Artists interested in performing should check out the Want To Perform? segment under the TalkPARTY menu.

Though majority of the performances at theTalkPARTY is focused on poetry, Ehalakasa has made room for other art forms to showcase and add to the variety of performances.

Bar Break

After performances, a fifteen minute break sets in to allow guests to interact and get a drink from the bar.

Guest Performance

A guest poet will always feature at aTalkPARTY event. The guest artist will treat the audience to fifteen minutes performance and then with the help of the MC, engage the audience in conversation about their work.