SLAM 2017

Ehalakasa SLAM since its inception had a goal of improving the state of performance poetry within the country. Ehalakasa believes that to improve the art form, a platform needs to be created to challenge the artists and thus the SLAM.

Until 2016, all SLAM events were held in Accra. Making it challenging for those outside the region to participate. 2016 saw preliminaries being held in Kumasi, Takoradi and Accra.

Ehalakasa in 2017 takes the spirit of the SLAM to the northern parts of Ghana as well as the Chale Wote Festival.

Chale Wote Ehalakasa Slam

The winner of the Chale Wote Ehalakasa Slam was Bluebird. First runner up was Sub Freeman and second runner up was Erzuah.

Northern Region Slam

The SLAM this year was conducted within the Northern, Upper West and Upper East Regions. The final took place at the Hopin Academy on Saturday September 16, 2017.

Nine poets represented at the final from the Northern Regions. From Northen Region Ibrahim Saani, Ibn Do Gud and Bluebird were the finalists. Blessmond, Jamil and Bertrand represented the Upper East Region. The Upper West Region was represented by an all female group made up of Shirley, Rabi and Patience.

At the end of the event Ibrahim Saani emerged the 2017 Slam Champion. Ibn Do Gud came in second and Bluebird came in third place.

The event was proudly sponsored by Goethe Institut and supported by Hopin Academy, Global Shapers Community – Tamale Hub, Twellium Ltd, Samakose, Deep Heatz Studio, Sanatu Zambang blog, Savannah Lifestyle blog, Tamale Film and Television Academy, Wear NAtion and the Graphic Communications Limited.

For pictures of the event click here.

The SLAM, with the support of Gallery GM, has afforded the past two winners to travel outside Ghana to other African countries to perform and explore the poetry of others. This is to educate, build relationships and grow the art form as a whole across Africa.