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Is the Hub of Art, Dance and Lyrical Dexterity in its Organic State. Here performance, words and songs co-exist in the form of poetry, music, comedy, and theater set in Motion . Akwaaba!

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The Matriarch’s Verse 2022

Many men and women of the Gold Coast fought, toiled and sacrificed, just so that the generations after theirs could live honestly and freely, to dictate their own policies and create their own Nation... The Matriarch’s Verse — Ghana At 65 - The State of the Nation A Poetry...

Ehalakasa SlamXL : The Road To FESPACO Gold Slam 2023

Who will represent us at FESPACO? As part of our responsibility to raise slammers and to see a thriving, sustainable verbal space for the future of poetry slam (competitive poetry) in Ghana, we (Ehalakasa) have in partnership with the Goethe Institut, Accra to host SlamXL...


feel as light as a feather My emotions seems to fly at any wind blowing direction... I just can't hold and control. My screams are explosive and loud, But no one ever wants to hear me out... They claim they never heard me shout. Anger boils through my heart...

Breast: A Tool For Mass Instruction

Don't squeeze too tight ooohhh this boy Agyeeeiiiiii! Waka mi Akua always sleeps with it in her mouth From the North to the East to the west to the South Little baby, where else could you find better food Than from the nectar those two round balls brought You can't deny...


EHALAKASA & FLOW (For Love Of Words) based in Dallas TX USA in partnership with Gold Coast Restaurant presents the INTERNATIONAL SHOWCASE Ghana edition. This international Showcase has been running actively for the last 9 years. It is a high-powered night of entertainment that features...


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