Since 2007 the Ehalakasa Festival has been a hallmark event celebrating the growth of poetry and spoken word in Ghana and beyond. Ehalakasa has become a genre of entertainment, a tool for increasing capacity and literacy levels and a new form of communication for many young people in Ghana. The festival puts together the best of spoken word and music on one stage.


The Ehalakasa Festival acts as a ground for meaningful cross-cultural exchange since our audience base and performers come from all over the world. We have hosted poets from Togo, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Egypt, U.S.A, Japan, U.K, France, Germany, Austria and many more. Kofi Akpabli, two-time winner of the CNN Multichoice African Journalist Award (2010 and 2011); Dahveed Nelson (The Last Poets, U.S.A); and Sarah Kay (U.S.A) are amongst notable personalities we have hosted on our stage.

Performance poetry and spoken word events are the new waves sweeping through Africa. It brings people from all demographics together and presents valid career possibilities for our youth. This hallmark event is an ideal entertainment and networking opportunity with a substantial and sophisticated audience who appreciate your commitment to our community.