Exporting Talent Workshop

An experience-sharing session facilitated by Nenikely and Crystal Tettey

The EXPORTING TALENT project is a series of workshops designed to put forth the challenges and success stories of 2 Artists who were educated/trained in countries and regions totally different from the countries and regions in which they would later work. In both instances, the Artists had to adapt and sometimes make concessions in order to reinvent their professional identities.

with Ma'am T 3

The sessions aim to inspire through the exercise of sharing:

The workshops would be facilitated by the formidable Mother-daughter duo who have performed on several international platforms, and are known to leave audiences mesmerized by the beauty of their folk/soul cocktails (Music and Poetry). Both are synonymous with the pseudonym MadaGhana (a name coined by Artist Crystal Tettey to reflect her dual Malagasy and Ghanaian origins).

The projected dates for the workshop is August 19 2017 at Brazil House, James Town.

The 2017 workshops will include 3 core components: a: educational dialogue, where the Artists introduce themselves and contextualize their work; b: a showcase of Music and Poetry by the MadaGhana duo; and c: The workshops would end with a Question & Answer interactive aspect.

Nenikely and Crystal Tettey are active members of Ehalakasa;

with Ma'am T 2


Workshop Theme

EXPORTING TALENT: Living and working abroad

Participating Artists

Crystal Tettey is a Ghanaian/Malagasy Artist. She has been a key member of Ehalakasa since 2004. For 3 years, she worked as Program officer (Women Peacemakers Program-Africa) at the West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP) where she regularly coordinated Training of Trainers (ToTs) in Peacebuilding and Active Nonviolence for peace activists and advocates across Africa.

In 2014, she was selected to represent Ghana/Madagascar at the Salzburg Global seminar that was a Transformative Power of the Arts Series focusing on peace-building, peacemaking, and conflict prevention through the Arts. To this end, Salzburg Global brought together 60 artists, activists, policymakers, educators, and cultural actors from twenty-seven countries around the world for the session entitled Conflict Transformation through Culture: Peacebuilding and the Arts.

She also co-facilitated the 2015 and 2016 CKU World Images in motion Danish schools tours that saw her co-organize workshops throughout Denmark alongside fellow Artists Sir Black (Ghana), Frank Langmack (Denmark) and Sista Zai (Zimbabwe/Australia).

She now lives and works shuttling between France and Ghana.

Nenikely aka Ma’am T aka Lys Ranaivo, is a Malagasy Artist who trained as a Journalist in Russia (she obtained a Master’s degree in the then Soviet Union), but spent her entire career working in Ghana.

She started off in Ghana with a managerial position in the hotel industry (Novotel), and later spent the greater part of her career teaching French at one of Accra’s most prestigious private schools, North Ridge Lyceum. For 20 years, she was referred to by her ‘adopted children’ as Ma’am T.

She is a self-taught musician who often accompanies her daughter Crystal Tettey on stage.

The two are a delight to behold.