Hondred Percent To Perform In Kenya

Hondred Percent, winner of the Ehalakasa 2014 and 2015 slam will be representing Ghana in Kenya at the maiden edition of Slam Africa 2017. This is the first preliminary round for the year.

Hondred Percent is a guest artist at Slam Africa alongside Charles Ndubuisi a singer from Nigeria, JKD is a band from Kenya and Figure Out a spoken word group.

Slam Africa is organized by Cre8ive Spills a collective of art creatives in Kenya who have been organizing the event for the past eight years. Cre8ive Spills are the host of Hondred Percent in Kenya.

Gallery GM alongside Ehalakasa are the sponsors for this trip.

Jewell King Performs In Ivory Coast

Jewell King performs in Ivory Coast
Jewell King performs in Ivory Coast

Jewell King, Ehalakasa Slam Champion for 2016 recently traveled to Ivory Coast  as a guest artist at the Babi slam festival.

During his visit to Ivory Coast, the Ehalakasa Slam Champion also attended a number of workshops, shows and even had a TV interview.

His performances earned him the nickname ‘Fire Man‘. Apparently his delivery was so hot and thus the name.

Jewell wrote an account of his trip  that can be viewed here