Ehalakasa Website Launched! — It Lives In Us!

The home of the birth and growth of contemporary performance poetry and spoken word in Ghana has some good news for the arts community and beyond.

Ahead of Ehalakasa’s 10 years anniversary next year (2017) the organisation has launched its website ( This happened on Monday, 19th December, 2016.

You’re invited to visit the website and update yourself with information about Ehalakasa and also for subsequent updates on our activities.

We are excited about this and would love you to continue being a part of it or join us on this journey.

Our final event for this year —The Ehalakasa Grand Slam 2016 — comes off on Boxing Day (Monday, 26th December, 2016) at Nubuke Foundation located at East Legon. The gate fee is GHC 15 and the time is 6:00 p.m. prompt. See you there!

Ehalakasa — It lives in us!

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